Thor - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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Copper, copper, copper. This cable offers nothing except high quality copper! Thor offers an interesting variation from our Vermilion, which is also a copper sounding cable. For those who love the copper sound for its warmth and surround feeling, this is the best earphone upgrade cable available! Through the clear sleeve, what you are looking at is highly polished copper for the shinning appearance. Our pictures simply do not do this beauty justice! People love soft aftermarket upgrade cables? The Thor is unbelievably soft and flexible given its thickness! If you enjoy the copper sound and want a high end bullet proof cable, Thor is definitely your choice.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

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Price: $399.00
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A great buy if you like sound of copper cables, and it's ultra durable.
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I have been using Thor with my Merlin for 8 months now, and never regretted. My portable setup is IPC+CLAS+ALO MK2, which has a pretty dry, sharp and not-so-warm sound signature, but I am more into thick/warm tone. So, I replaced the stock cable with this copper Thor. It made a huge difference.

The first thing I noticed is that vocals are pulled forward towards me. This is definitely what I wanted since vocals are a bit too far in my original setup, making me feel like I want to catch something but couldn't. Now, my portable rig has a much better staging and balance between vocal and bass (have to say Merlin still has the best bass among all IEMs I've auditioned).

The Thor cable doesn't make Merlin sound smoother as silver cables usually do (of course because it's not silver), but it does increase the thickness as I expected. Originally, in some songs, the treble was so sharp that it almost ruined the whole listening experience, but I can live with them now with the added thickness from Thor.

The build quality is AMAZING. I ordered with customized sleeves (black) and buttons (silver), and they look great with the rest of my setup. It has been 8 months of regular use, 2 hours daily, and I have not noticed any damage to the finish.

To sum up, I am very happy about this cable, and if you like sound of a typical copper cable or want to make some changes to your current setup like I did, you won't go wrong with Thor. It's not really a cheap cable but definitely worth every penny.

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