Cronus - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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What's more to say about our Cronus when it was our flagship earphone upgrade cable? As our previous flagship, we put in lots of time and effort to refine this fine silver sounding cable. Clarity, soundstage, flawless integration of low, mid, and high ranges were kept in mind to deliver the unimaginable audiophile experience. Our Cronus has been the choice of many when it comes to getting a superb quality high end upgrade cable with a friendly price-quality ratio.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $299.00
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Squeezing out the last drop of sound quality
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I never thought cables upgrades were necessary, until my stock UM cable was broken, was trying to order a replacement and the sales person suggested me to get a pair of Beat Audio Sapphire at a bargain price. I went for it and was surprised that it actually improved the sound quality, this has changed my view on cable upgrade. I later lost my CIEM together with the Sapphire cable, this time I decided to go for the Cronus for my new UM Mage.

Stephen has been a great sales person, any question thrown at him got responded quickly. The cable is delivered fast under perfect condition. It's packaged with an aluminum case, it feels premium.

Build and design:
I love Cronus' simple and classy, low profile look. The first impression of the cable is its high quality elements, Beat Audio designs their cables with durability in thoughts. The plastic covers on the pin and Y-split feel solid and look great, you can even pick the color for your liking. The cable is wrapped with heat-shrink up to the Y-split, it feels sturdy. One drawback is this makes the cable stiffer overall than the stock cable, it annoys me sometimes during my daily activities with CIEM on.

Sound Quality:
The moment I swapped out the stock cable with Cronus, I immediately noticed its louder. On my iBasso DX50, it sound like 5 steps higher volume, that's around 3-4 dB give or take. The overall clarity and speed has been improved, which also affect the separation, and details are easier to be heard. The improvements aren't night and day, but it‘s noticeable, especially in the upper mids and highs region. All these are done without adding colours to the sound.

Value and verdict:
To be honest, I bought Cronus for its look. It goes really well with my black carbon fiber faceplate CIEM. The sound improvement is as I expected, you probably won't need it to enjoy your music but it definitely brings out the full potential of your favourite CIEM. I am happy with it, Cronus is on my everyday CIEM until I lose them again. Touch wood. =)

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